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Hemodialysis has been accepted as a method of treatment in patients with CKD in stage 5. A-V fistula is the closest ideal hemodialysis vascular access, so that it can reduce morbidity and mortality of CKD patients. This research is a retrospective descriptive study with data obtained from the A-V fistula surgery form archive in the Vascular and Endovascular Division of the Department of Surgery, FK UNSRI in January 2018-December 2018 and from the patient's medical record. Data processing was carried out with SPSS 16.0. The results of the study obtained 203 patient data with the use of AV Shunt that met the inclusion criteria. The mean age of patients was 50.53 years. There were 114 (56%) male patients and 89 (44%) female patients. Risk factors such as smoking were found in 9 (4%) patients. History of the disease prior to experiencing chronic renal failure was hypertension in 115 patients (56.6%) and diabetes in 81 (40%). There were 69 patient’s Hb data before AV shunt with Hb <7 (1%) in 2 people, 7-8.9 (33%) 67 people, 9-10.9 (53%) 108 people,> 11 (13%) 26 people. 128 (63%) patients had double lumen catheters installed in the right jugular, 5 (2%) patients were placed in the left jugular, and 70 (34%) patients did not have a double lumen catheter. A total of 169 (83%) patients had a history of using AV Shunt. There were 71 (35%) patients with the wrist region anastomosis, 132 (65%) patients with cubiti region anastomosis. Native AV shunt was the most commonly performed in 202 (99.5%) patients. There were no recorded complications after AV Shunt placement in 99 (48.8%) patients, 51 (25.2%) patients had AVF branches, 23 (11.3%) had AV Shunt rupture, 18 (8.8%) AVF stenosis, 1 (0.5%) central stenosis, 1 (0.5%) thrombus, and 11 (5.4%) infections. A total of 167 (82.2%) patients took AV Shunt after 3 months.


End stage chronic kidney failure, hemodialysis vascular access, A-V fistula

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Kemas Muhammad Dahlan, Wahyu Sholekhuddin, & Fahmi Jaka Yusuf. (2020). Characteristics Of Chronic Kidney Failure Patients Using Vascular Access For Hemodialysis In Vascular Surgical Division Dr. Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital Period 1 Januari – 31 Desember 2018. Sriwijaya Journal of Surgery, 3(2), 80-93.